Weekly Community Yoga Class at the DOJO, Fridays 10.30-11.30 am

Weekly Community Yoga Class at the DOJO, Fridays 10.30-11.30 am


FRIDAY MORNINGS 10.30 am-11.30 am


£5 suggested donation at the time

Teacher: Mickey Monroe

I was introduced to yoga in 1993 by a friend who had returned from India having embarked on what sounded to me like a torturous yoga training programme.

“What is this yoga??” I thought.....Rolling around stretching!!??

We were all into the aerobic mindset in the nineties…”no pain ..no gain”.. sweating, swearing, throwing ourselves randomly around the room to loud music… we thought we liked to be shouted at while exercising.

However, when she took me to my first class I was truly inspired by the energy, the challenge, the spirit.  I was quite simply amazed at how this vibration could be raised in a room without noise, with calmness, ease of flow and wow… all the happy smiling faces. …

Yoga was demystified right there 26 years ago.

I have never looked back from that day and am now happy to share this practice to all of you who would like to try, perhaps you have heard of yoga and its benefits, for those of you who are already practising and looking to change your dynamic or just simply want to join a community of like-minded yogis and would be yogis.

 Balancing the yin and yang within, this class is suitable for all levels. The only prerequisite for this class is a willing to take part and an hour of your morning on a Friday .You are always in the now on the mat, it is a fun inspired experience.

Life is in constant flux….without thinking too much further, or talking yourself out of trying ….let the world stop spinning for 60 minutes and LET’S DO SOME YOGA!

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